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Episode 1: The Black Attaché Case

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Shizuma
56K, 640x480
The Shizuma Drive
Punch, Giant Robo!
563K, 640x480
Daisaku Kusama and Giant Robo
The other two are useless without the third...
53K, 640x480
I'm willing to pay with my life!
56K, 640x480
Dr. Shizuma
Pay as you leave
37K, 640x480
The Doctor's prayers are answered
58K, 640x480
One at a time is too slow!
62K, 640x480
Ginrei fires at Q-Boss's minions
How dare you!
49K, 640x480
Ivan (left) and Observer Ko Enshaku
Don't move!
56K, 640x480
Kenji Murasame
The beautiful night!
53K, 640x480
The deranged Dr. Franken Von Folger
This reminds me of Bashitarlle
55K, 640x480
The Chief
It's not a curse!
49K, 640x480
Dr. Go loses his cool
Aboard the airship 'Greta Garbo'
69K, 640x480
Daisaku (left) and Taisoh
Rescued by a kid...
66K, 640x480
Taisoh (left) and Tetsugyu
Who's going to thank me?
54K, 640x480
Experts of Justice armed with sticks!!!
57K, 640x480
The very dangerous Lord Alberto
It's just an old Shizuma drive...
80K, 640x480
The aberration
Please help me
50K, 640x480
Dr. Shizuma has a flashback
45K, 640x480
Giant Robo awakes
I must finish this!
58K, 640x480
Taisoh in action