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FM 44-80:  Jaguar


Countries of Origin: France, UK.
Similar Aircraft: F-4 Phantom II, Mitsubishi F-1, MiG-27 Flogger, AMX.
Crew: One; trainer - two.
Role: Strike, fighter, trainer.
Armament: Cannon, rockets, bombs, missiles.
Dimensions: Length: 51 ft (15.54 m). Span: 28 ft (8.54 m).


Wings: High-mounted, swept-back, and modified delta with blunt tips.

Engine(s): Two turbofans mounted to the rear of the cockpit. Rectangular air intakes on sides of cockpit. Engine exhausts show prominently under the forward portion of the tail.

Fuselage: Long, pointed, chiseled nose. Body widens at the air intakes rectangular to the exhausts. Overhanging tail section. Two belly fins. Bubble canopy.

Tail: Tail flats and fin are swept-back and tapered with square tips. Flats are mid-mounted on the fuselage with a negative slant.


Ecuador, France, India, Nigeria, Oman, UK.

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