Su-17,-20,-22 FITTER (SUKHOI)
Gary's Combat Aircraft Reference Guide

FM 44-80:  Su-17


Country of Origin: CIS (formerly USSR).
Similar Aircraft: MiG-21 Fishbed, Su-7 Fitter, A-7 Corsair II, G.91Y.
Crew: One.
Role: Ground-attack.
Armament: Cannon, rockets, missiles, bombs.
Dimensions: Length: 61 ft, 6 in (18.76 m). Span: 45 ft (13.8 m).


Wings: Mid- to low-mounted (wings are mounted below the center), variable, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips. Wide wing roots.

Engine(s): One turbojet in the fuselage. Circular air intake in the nose. Large, single exhaust.

Fuselage: Long, tubular with blunt nose and rear section. Large bubble canopy. Prominent dorsal spine on top of the body from the cockpit to the tail fin.

Tail: Swept-back and tapered fin with a square tip. Flats mid- to low-mounted on the fuselage swept-back and tapered.


Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, CIS, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Yemen, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, South Yemen, Syria, Vietnam.

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GTA 44-2-10:  Su-17