Gary's Combat Aircraft Reference Guide

FM 44-80:  CH-46


Country of Origin: USA.
Similar Aircraft: CH-47 Chinook.
Crew: Three.
Role: Transport, cargo (25 equipped troops), assault.
Armament: Usually none.
Dimensions: Length: 45 ft (13.68 m). Rotor diameter: 51 ft (15.56 m).


The CH-46 is a tandem-rotor, medium-transport helicopter.

Twelve combat-equipped parachutists can jump from either the personnel door or the ramp. Parachutists walk off the ramp (which is lowered to 11 degrees below centerline gage) in a crouched position to avoid hitting their heads on the upper ramp door. Parachutists must not spring upward when jumping this helicopter. They do not make a vigorous exit. The speed of the aircraft is 80 to 90 knots when jumping. The minimum drop altitude is 1,250 feet above ground level when jumping at 90 knots and 1,500 feet above ground level when jumping at 80 knots.


Wings: Two three-blade main rotors, one above the nose section and cabin on a hump; the other on top of high, thick tail fin.

Engine(s): Two turboshafts located inside the lower part of the tail fin.

Fuselage: Short and thick with flat bottom and upswept tail section. Glassed-in cockpit. Landing gear pods on bottom rear of body.

Tail: High, thick tail fin with oval exhaust ports on the sides.


Japan (KV-107), USA.