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FM 44-80:  CH-47


Country of Origin: USA.
Similar Aircraft: CH-46 Sea Knight.
Crew: Two on flight deck.
Role: Transport, cargo (44 equipped troops), recovery.
Armament: Usually none.
Dimensions: Length: 51 ft (15.56 m). Rotor diameter: 60 ft (18.3 m).


The CH-47 Chinook aircraft is a twin-turbine-engine, tandem-rotor, medium-transport helicopter. The CH-47 is used for troop movement, cargo and weapons transportation, and as an air ambulance under day, night, visual, and instrument conditions.

The CH-47 has a power-up operated ramp that permits straight-in rear loading. Two auxiliary loading ramps are hinged to the aft end ramp. When the ramp is lowered, these auxiliary ramps provide flush contact between the ramp and the ground. They may be positioned to accommodate various vehicle tread widths or butted together for easier loading of bulk cargo. The fuselage design gives the helicopter a water-landing capability. A gas turbine, auxiliary power unit provides hydraulic and electric power for ground operations.

Twenty-eight combat equipped parachutists can jump from this aircraft. Aircraft safety requires that the speed during jumps is not less than 80 knots or more than 110 knots, with 90 knots being optimum speed. No special preparation is required if the aircraft has skis. Minimum jump altitude is 1,500 feet above ground level when jumping below 90 knots. Minimum jump altitude 90 knots and above is 1,250 feet above ground level.


Wings: Two three-blade main rotors, one above the nose and one above the tail section.

Engine(s): Two turboshafts in pods, one on each side of thick tail fin.

Fuselage: Thick, box-like body with bulges along the sides of the midsection. Tapered front and rear. Glassed-in, stepped cockpit above a short, rounded nose. Fixed landing gear.

Tail: High, thick tail fin.


Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Italy, Japan, Libya, Morocco, UK, USA.

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