Gary's Combat Aircraft Reference Guide

FM 44-80:  Dauphin 2


Country of Origin: France.
Similar Aircraft: Lynx, Gazelle, Hirundo A109.
Crew: Normally two. Three with crew chief.
Role: Assault-transport (8 to 10 troops), utility, attack.
Armament: Rockets, antitank missiles on SA 365M model.
Dimensions: Length: 37 ft, 6 in (11.43 m). Rotor diameter: 39 ft, 2 in (11.94 m).


Wings: Four-blade main rotor. Weapons carrying platform on some models.

Engine(s): Two turboshafts mounted side by side on top of cabin. Air intake on side of motor hump. Exhausts at the rear of the hump.

Fuselage: Teardrop-shaped body. Tapered boom to the tail fin. Rounded nose and stepped-up cockpit. Retractable gear and flat bottom.

Tail: Flats with swept-back tips forward of the swept-back and tapered fin with blunt tip. Rotor is inside housing at the bottom of the fin.


France, People's Republic of China (Z-9), USA.

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GTA 44-2-18:  Dauphin 2 Front
GTA 44-2-18:  Dauphin 2 Side
GTA 44-2-18:  Dauphin 2 Bottom