Gary's Combat Aircraft Reference Guide

FM 44-80:  Lynx


Country of Origin: UK.
Similar Aircraft: OH-58 Kiowa, Hirundo A109, UH-1 Iroquois, UH-1N Model 212, Dauphin 2.
Crew: Two.
Role: Utility (10 passengers), attack, antitank.
Armament: Cannon, minigun, 80mm rockets, antitank missiles (HOT, Hellfire, or TOW).
Dimensions: Length: 39 ft, 6 in (12.06 m). Rotor diameter: 42 ft (12.8 m).
Performance Range 335 miles (540 km).


Wings: Four-blade main rotor on a hump on top of the cabin.

Engine(s): Two turboshaft engines on top of rear of cabin.

Fuselage: Oval, stepped-up and glassed-in cockpit. Box-like cargo compartment. High-mounted, tapered tail boom. Landing skids on army versions. Naval versions have wheels.

Tail: Swept-back fin is tapered. Single flat on right side near top of tail fin. Tail rotor on left side.


Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, UK.

More Lynx Art

GTA 44-2-18:  Lynx Front
GTA 44-2-18:  Lynx Side
GTA 44-2-18:  Lynx Bottom
GTA 44-2-10:  Lynx