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Country of Origin: USA.
Similar Aircraft: C-17A Globemaster III, C-141 Starlifter, Il-76 Candid, An-124 Condor.
Crew: Six.
Role: Heavy-transport (345 equipped troops), heavy-cargo (armored vehicles, weapons, helicopters).
Armament: Usually none.
Dimensions: Length: 247 ft, 10 in (75.54 m). Span: 222 ft, 8 in (67.88 m).


The C-5 Galaxy is a high-speed, long-range, swept-wing, turbofan jet aircraft used for strategic, intertheater missions. It is primarily designed to carry outsized or overweight equipment.

Special features of the aircraft are its ability to load/unload from either end of the cargo compartment, and a kneeling capability which allows for lowering the aircraft to facilitate loading/unloading. A forward, hinged visor door and ramp system provide front end loading capability. Aft cargo doors and a ramp system provide aft end loading. This combination provides a RO/RO (roll-on/roll-off) capability for vehicles and palletized cargo. A vehicle can actually be driven through the aircraft.

The kneeling capability is provided through a hydraulic system that allows the aircraft to be lowered on its landing gear. There are three kneeling positions: forward, aft, and level. The kneeling capability facilitates ramp loading/off loading by compensating for the 9-foot height of the cargo floor above the ground.

The peacetime ACL (allowable cargo load) of the C-5 based on 3,500 NM is 130,200 pounds, and its wartime ACL based on 3,500 NM is 151,400 pounds.

Parachutists jump from the two aft doors of the aircraft. The C-5 A/B/C aircraft cannot be used for aft ramp static line jumping. HALO personnel may conduct aft ramp jumps from this aircraft. Due to the number of jumpers that can be hooked up to one anchor line cable, the C-5 A/B/C aircraft have not been certified for combat concentrated loads.

Palletized Cargo
Up to 36 type 463L pallets
Airline seats (permanent)73
Maximum on over-water flights73
Parachutist Load
Combat Concentrated Loading
Wartime Emergency Operations
Not Certified
Mass Drop Without Comfort Pallet73
In-flight Rigging With Comfort Pallet
This configuration should be used only during over-land missions.
OH-626 (fully assembled)
Patriot Guided Missile System
Five aircraft for one Minimum Engagement Package:
Two launchers, radar station, support vehicles, supplies,
and personnel to sustain operations for 15 days.


Wings: High-mounted, swept-back, and tapered with curved tips and negative slant.

Engine(s): Four turbofans, suspended on pylons, and extending forward of the wings' leading edges. Round air intakes.

Fuselage: Large, cigar-shaped, and tapered to tail section. Slightly tapered, rounded nose. Stepped cockpit. Landing gear bulges at lower midsection. Upswept rear section.

Tail: Swept-back, tapered tail flats and high-mounted on a swept-back, tapered tail fin forming a "T".



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