Gary's Combat Aircraft Reference Guide

FM 44-80:  DC-3


Country of Origin: USA.
Similar Aircraft: I1-14 Crate.
Crew: Five.
Role: Medium-transport, cargo (35 equipped troops).
Armament: Usually none except modified gunship.
Dimensions: Length: 64 ft, 5 in (19.63 m). Span: 95 ft (28.96 m).


The DC-3 is a twin-engine, short-range transport aircraft. The DC-3 is the civilian version of the C-47 Skytrain.

A total of 24 parachutists can be jumped from the DC-3 using the aft troop door. This aircraft can accommodate two sticks: a 12-man stick sits on the starboard side, and a 12-man stick sits on the port side. Contract DC-3 aircraft are not rigged with paratroop seats or with individual seat belts. Jumpers are required to sit on the floor. They are restrained by one safety belt over the entire stick of jumpers.


Wings: Low-mounted with unequally tapered leading and trailing edge. Has rounded tips and positive slant.

Engine(s): Two piston engines mounted in the wing's leading edges. There are also turboprop versions.

Fuselage: Club-shaped and tapered to the rear. Solid, round nose and a stepped cockpit.

Tail: Fin tapered with a rounded tip. Flats are mid-mounted on the body, with round tips.


Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Colombia, Congo, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Rwanda, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Zambia.