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MK-106 HIT (IAT)
Gary's Combat Aircraft Reference Guide

FM 44-80:  MK-106


Countries of Origin: France, Germany, USA, UK.
Similar Aerial Platforms: Harry, Donier DAR, Raki, AW-10.
Role: Multirole, reconnaissance/targeting.
Armament: None.
Dimensions: Length: 6 ft, 5 in (2 m). Span: 6 ft, 8 in (2.1 m).


Wings: Mid-mounted and semidelta with square tips. Winglets at tips. Large semidelta canards mounted high at the nose section.

Engine(s): Four-cylinder, prop-driven and mounted in the rear in opposing position.

Fuselage: Round, tapering to the round nose. Launch fairing on belly.

Tail: No fins or flats.


France, Germany, USA, UK.