M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (FAASV)
Gary's Combat Vehicle Reference Guide

TM 9-2350-267-10: M992
  M992 M992A1 M992A2
Alternative Designations CAT (Carrier Ammunition Tracked), CATV (Carrier Ammunition Tracked Vehicle)
Country of OriginUSA
RoleAmmunition transport
Date Of Introduction 1985 ? 1993
Crew During operation: 3
During transit: Maximum of 8
During operation: 3
During transit: Maximum of 5
Combat Weight 28.75 tons (26.1 mt)
Ground Pressure 13.5 psi (0.95 kg/cm²)
Length, Overall 21.875 ft (6.67 m) 21.67 ft (6.6 m)
Width, Overall 10.33 ft (3.15 m) 10.33 ft (3.15 m)
Height, Overall 10.625 ft (3.24 m) - Without MG 11.92 ft (3.63 m)
Ground Clearance 14.5 in (0.37 m) 15 in (0.38 m)
  M992 M992A1 M992A2
Engine Turbocharged, 2-cycle, V-8, Detroit Diesel 8V71T 405 hp (302 kw) diesel Turbocharged, 2-cycle, V-8, Detroit Diesel 8V71T 440 hp (328 kw) diesel (LHR/CS)
Transmission Allison XTG411-2A. 4 speed forward, 2 speed reverse. Allison XTG411-4. 4 speed forward, 2 speed reverse.
Range 220 miles (354 km)
Fuel Capacity 135 gal (511 l) diesel
Road Speed 35 mph (56 km/h)
Reverse Speed 7 mph (11 km/h)
Cross Country Speed ?
Swim SpeedN/A
Fording Depth3.5 ft (1.1 m)
Side Slope40%
Trench Crossing6 ft (1.8 m)
Vertical Wall Climb1.75 ft (0.5 m)
  M992 M992A1 M992A2
Armor aluminum
Applique Armor N/A
Explosive Reactive Armor N/A
Active Protective System N/A
NBC Protection System M43 chemical agent detector. Ventilated Face Piece System (VFPS): M25A1 face pieces, M2A2 air purifier unit with heaters.
Smoke Equipment N/A
M992, M992A1, M992A2
Type Mount Typical Ammo Load
.50 Cal M2HB machine gun Commander's cupola; flex-mount; belt feed
Additional armament: M16 rifles.
 M992, M992A1, M992A2
Fire Control SystemN/A
Main Gun StabilizationN/A
Infrared SearchlightN/A
  M992 M992A1 M992A2 M992A2 MACS
Projectiles 90 90 90 95
Propelling Charge Canisters 99 99 96 73 MACS or 80 conventional
Fuse Boxes 13 11 11 11
Primer Boxes 1 1 3 3
.50 Caliber Ammo Boxes 4 4 3 3
Copperhead Rounds 3


FM 3-09.70: M992
The M992 FAASV is a tracked vehicle that is used to carry ammunition for the M109 155mm self-propelled medium howitzer. The M992 is a full-tracked, aluminum armored ammunition resupply vehicle with a hydraulic powered conveyor for single-round transfer of ammunition. The M992 is comparable to the M109 in terms of speed, mobility, and survivability.

In addition to ammunition handling equipment, the M992 features projectile rack assemblies and storage compartments for complete conventional rounds and 3 Copperhead rounds; a diesel powered auxiliary power unit used to drive the hydraulic system and recharge vehicle batteries; and an automatic fire extinguisher system (AFES).

In self-propelled units, the M992 is the companion vehicle to the howitzer. It serves as an area from which to service the weapon as well as a storage area for ammunition. This vehicle should be positioned with its howitzer and replenished in the battery area by the ammunition section.

To increase the ammunition-carrying capability of cannon batteries, additional M332 ammunition trailers are authorized in the tables of organization and equipment (TOE). Although mobility may be degraded somewhat, an M332 trailer should be pulled by each of the ammunition vehicles currently shown in various TOEs (the M992 and the 2 1/2 and 5-ton trucks).

The M992 replaced the M548 tracked cargo carrier on a one-for-one basis in M109 units.



Two final drive assemblies transfer power from the powerpack to the track through two drive sprocket and hub assemblies. Seven pairs of roadwheels on each side of the vehicle help center the tracks on the drive sprocket and hub assemblies. Track tension is maintained by two idler wheels, which are connected to grease actuated track adjusters.

Each pair of roadwheels is supported by a roadwheel arm assembly. Each roadwheel arm assembly is connected to a torsion bar, which is anchored to the hull, to help maintain contact between the roadwheels and track. Four shock absorbers, connected to the two pairs of front and rear roadwheels, help smooth the ride of the vehicle.

TM 9-2350-287-20-1: M992A1


Under normal conditions, the APU generator can supply enough electrical power to operate its own electrical system and that of another vehicle (i.e. M109 or another M992) which possesses a compatible electrical system.

MWO 9-2350-293-30-3: 10kw APU
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M992A2 Up-powered APU: Consists of a 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, water-cooled, 25 horsepower, HATZ diesel engine with an attached generator. The assembly produces and 10 kW of electric power for operating the vehicle's electrical system and generates up to 360 amps & 28Vdc for battery charging.


M992 (NSN 2350-01-110-4660)
TM 9-2350-267-10: M992
1985. "Carrier, Cargo, Full-Tracked, 7-Ton, Ammunition, M992", "Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked M992". Original production model. See data above.

In terms of driving capabilities and limitations, the M992 is comparable to the M109A2 SP howitzer. The speed, mobility, maneuverability, and survivability of the M992 equals that of the M109A2 and M110A2, making the M992 well-suited for efficient re-supply of ammunition to M109A2 howitzers.

This full-tracked, self-propelled, diesel-powered vehicle is highly mobile and maneuverable. It is capable of long-range, high-speed operation on improved roads. It is also well-suited to rough terrain, muddy or marshy ground, sand, snow, and ice.

  • Ammunition handling equipment (AHE), including:
    • Projectile storage racks.
    • Canister compartments
    • Powered ammunition conveyor assembly
    • Hydraulically-operated conveyor and X-Y stacker.
  • A diesel-powered 5 kW Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) used to drive the hydraulic system and recharge vehicle batteries.
  • Simplified test equipment for internal combustion engine (STE/ICE).
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (AFES):
    • AFES is an automatic and manual electric system that when actuated provides fire extinguishing capability for the engine and crew compartment. It consists of test/alarm panels, sensors and associated equipment
    • Automatic electric operation will automatically sense and discharge an agent to extinguish hydrocarbon fires. The crew system provides an automatic electric second shot capability should the fire continue burning or a second fire occurs.
    • Manual electric operation must be manually activated by the crew to discharge the agent to extinguish fires. The crew system second shot manual electric activation is available if the fire continues to burn. It must be manually activated by a crew member.
  • Rear door, when opened, provides overhead ballistic protection between M992 and supported howitzer.
  • Side doors on both sides of vehicle provide access for loading propellant charge canisters and copperhead projectiles into canister compartments.
  • Nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) agent detection and protection system.

TM 9-2350-267-10: M992
M992, vehicles 1-344, front left
540x340, 24K, B/W, GIF
TM 9-2350-267-10: M992
M992, vehicles 1-344, rear right
540x340, 21K, B/W, GIF
TM 9-2350-267-10: M992
M992, vehicles 345+, front left
540x340, 25K, B/W, GIF
TM 9-2350-267-10: M992
M992, vehicles 345+, rear right
540x340, 22K, B/W, GIF
TM 9-2350-267-20: M992
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TB 43-0209: M992
M992 camo pattern
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TB 43-0209: M992
M992 camo pattern
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M992A1 (NSN 2350-01-352-3021)
TM 9-2350-287-10: M992A1
"Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked M992A1". See data above.

The M992A1 is a field artillery ammunition support vehicle comparable in speed, mobility, and survivability to the M109A6 self-propelled howitzer.

Modifications include:
  • Low Heat Rejection/Cold Start (LHR/CS) Engine
  • AN/PSN-11(PLGR) Satellite Signals Navigation and Global Positioning System (GPS) unit.
  • Crew seating for three, plus driver's seat and commander's seat.

TM 9-2350-287-10: M992A1
M992A1, front left
520x355, 25K, B/W, GIF
TM 9-2350-287-10: M992A1
M992A1, rear right
520x355, 21K, B/W, GIF
M992A2 (NSN 2350-01-368-9500)
TM 9-2350-372-10: M992A2
1993. Type classified standard in July 1994. "Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked M992A2, Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (FAASV) ", "Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked M992A2". See data above.

In terms of driving capabilities and limitations, the M992A2 is comparable to the M109A6 howitzer. The speed, mobility, maneuverability, and survivability of the M992A2 equals that of the M109A6, making the M992A2 well suited for efficient resupply of ammunition to M109A6 howitzers.

The FAASV materiel change encompasses the previously approved FAASV HELP (Howitzer Extended Life Program) and Survivability Materiel Changes. The materiel change incorporates M109 Family of Vehicles improvements into the FAASV in order to maintain a common chassis and to permit the FAASV crew to operate in the same environment as the M109A6 Paladin. This means the operation and maintenance features will be common and the FAASV cold starting and RAM features will be comparable. These improvements include:

  • Low Heat Rejection/Cold Start (LHR/CS) Engine
  • Improved XTG 411-4 Transmission
  • Reliability, and Maintainability (RAM) improvements to the cooling, electrical, and suspension systems
  • Relocated heater and hydraulic reservoir
  • Stronger fuel cell
  • Modifications to the rear door conveyor and propellant racks to provide interoperability with the M109A6 Paladin Howitzer

The initial fleet quantity of M992A2s was 927: 789 M992A0s and M992A1s that were converted to M992A2s, and 138 new production M992A2s. The total fleet quantity of M992A2s was reduced to 925 due to 2 combat losses in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

M992A2 Engine Compartment Halon Replacement:
1999. Replace Halon, which is the fire suppression agent for the FAASV Engine Compartment with an environmentally safe alternative.

M992A2 Materiel Change:
2005. System improvements necessary for the vehicle to operate and interface with other systems on the battlefield.
  • An Up-powered 10 kW Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to support Paladin silent watch.
  • Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS) stowage improvements. The conveyor system is removed to accommodate the MACS.

TM 9-2350-372-10: M992A2
M992A2, front left
750x500, 38K, B/W, GIF
TM 9-2350-372-10: M992A2
M992A2, overhead
620x315, 10K, B/W, GIF
TM 9-2350-372-10: M992A2
M992A2, overhead cutaway
700x350, 16K, B/W, GIF
A variation to serve M110 8-inch howitzer units. Carries 48 complete rounds of 8-inch ammunition.