BTR-50 Armored Personnel Carrier
Gary's Combat Vehicle Reference Guide

Country of OriginCIS (formerly USSR)
RoleAmphibious armored personnel carrier
Date Of Introduction1952
Crew2 (commander, driver) + 20 passengers
Combat Weight15.7 tons (10.3 mt)
Ground Pressure?
Length, Overall 24.02 ft (7.32 m)
Width, Overall 10.3 ft (3.14 m)
Height, Hull Top 6.06 ft (1.85 m)
Ground Clearance13 in (330 mm)
Engine240 hp (176 kw) V-6 diesel
Range149 miles (240 km)
Fuel Capacity106 gal (400 l)
Road Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Cross Country Speed?
Swim Speed6.2 mph (10 km/h)
Fording DepthAmphibious
Side Slope18%
Trench Crossing9.2 ft (2.8 m)
Vertical Wall Climb3.6 ft (1.1 m)
ArmorHull: 0.39 in (10 mm)
Applique ArmorN/A
Explosive Reactive ArmorN/A
Active Protective SystemN/A
NBC Protection SystemN/A
Smoke EquipmentN/A
Type Mount Typical Ammo Load
One 7.62mm SGMB machine gun Pintel; Belt feed 1,250.
Light Ball, Ball-T, API, API-T
Fire Control SystemN/A
Main Gun StabilizationN/A
Infrared SearchlightYes


The BTR-50 (Bronetransporter-50) is a fully amphibious vehicle that is propelled through the water by water jets mounted at the rear of the hull. The driver and commander seated at the front and a personnel compartment is behind them. The driver sits in the center with the vehicle commander to his left.


1952. Original production model. Open troop compartment. Developed using the basic PT-76 light tank chassis and hull with an armored superstructure in place of a turret.

GTA 17-2-8: BTR-50P IN0534: BTR-50P
Recognition features:
  • Six road wheels and no return rollers.
  • A boat-type hull with vertical sides.
  • A lowered rear deck.
  • Two waterjets and covers at the rear.
  • A tower-type cupola on the left front.
  • A driver's hatch in the front center.
  • The same chassis as the PT-76.

Defenselink website:  BTR-50P
U.S. DoD Photo
1280x680, 143K, JPEG
This version has a 14.5mm KPVT open-mounted heavy machine gun with a practical rate of fire of 150 rds/min and a load of 500 rounds. This BTR has no loading ramps.
1958. The BTR-50PK has a 12.7mm DShK 38/46 open-mounted machine gun with a practical rate of fire of 80 to 100 rds/min and a load of 750 rounds. It also has overhead armor for the troop compartment and an NBC protection system.
U.S. Army Photo
850x555, 143K, JPEG
Defenselink website:  BTR-50PK
U.S. DoD Photo
1280x745, 219K, JPEG
Defenselink website:  BTR-50PK
U.S. DoD Photo
1280x745, 233K, JPEG
BTR-50PU Model 2
1958. This is the BTR command version.
700x500, 57K, PNG
Defenselink website:  BTR-50PU
BTR-50PU Model 2 with three BRDM2 scout cars.
U.S. DoD Photo
850x555, 143K, JPEG
Serbian Armed Forces website:  BTR-50PU
Serbian BTR-50PU with M80A ICVs.
Serbian Land Forces Photo
1024x673, 143K, JPEG
Finnish BTR-50 with Italian YVI-2 (yhtymän viestijärjestelmä) digital field communication system.
Finnish Defence Forces: BTR-50YVI
Finnish Defence Forces: BTR-50YVI
Finnish Defence Forces Photo
709x473, 57K, JPG
MTK, UR-67
This is a mine-clearing version. Equipment is mounted on rear deck of modified BTR-50PK APC. Large diameter, flexible tube launchers are at rear. Fires a line charge. It was formerly known as the UR-67.
IT0638: MTK
MTP Technical Support Vehicle
This version has a raised workshop compartment. Serves as an amphibious armored maintenance support vehicle.