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Robby showing off
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Robby carries a mere 10 tons of Isotope 217
Where were you?
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"Sorry, Miss, I was giving myself an oil job."
Rank has its privileges...
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Rank has its privileges...
Look out!
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Adams fires his blaster
This is just one of many...
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Morbius shows Adams and Doc a Krel lab
Plastic Educator
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Morbius demonstrates the "Plastic Educator"
Prepare your minds...
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Shuttle car
ventilator shaft
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One of 401 ventilator shafts, each 7800 levels deep
ventilator shaft
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8,000 cubic miles of circuits
a gigantic machine
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A 2,000 centuries old, self-maintaining machine
the footprint
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The impossible footprint
the funeral
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The funeral
Fire main batteries...
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Adams orders test-firing of main batteries
It's still coming right at us!!!
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Main batteries fire on unseen menace
the power gauges light-up
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Morbius has a nightmare
it wants in
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Monster pounds at the steel shutters
Kill it Robby!
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"Kill it Robby!"
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Monster burns through 26 inches of Krel metal
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Notice anything unusual about Robbie's leg?
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Robby sets course for Earth