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Plot Summary:  When a spaceship crashes near a small town in the American West, an inexperienced U.S. Marshal must lead a mixed band of Union and Confederate veterans in a desperate attempt to restore the Union ironclad Monitor with the new technology and stop an alien invasion.

Production Notes:  This 1962 American-Japanese 3-D animated Western was never finished because of technical problems with the 3-D process (several animators had nervous breakdowns drawing the blue and red artwork).  Parts of the plot would later be used in the "Yamato" and "Macross" series.

I still say we should have salvaged the Virginia.
98K, 660x540
"Gunsmoke" ©1953 Universal-International Pictures Company, Inc.

Clay "Reb" Wildstar - Audie Murphy
We could have used this Wave Motion gun at Gettysburg!
85K, 660x476
"Hell Bent for Leather" ©1960 Universal Pictures