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Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System - Chas.
#113 - Of Flesh and Steel

Front view
46K, 640x471
Front view
arm blades
64K, 640x471
Higgins hangs on to Chas (who has four circular blades extended from arm)
firing run
77K, 640x471
Higgins watches as Chas prepares to run
51K, 640x471
Front shot of head
jump jets
82K, 640x471
Rear view of jump jets
shoulder gun
53K, 640x471
Shoulder gun/launcher fires
left knee and hand
53K, 640x471
Side view of left knee and hand
arm launcher
60K, 640x471
Left arm launcher deployed. Covers starting to open.
arm launchers fire
60K, 640x471
Arm launchers fire
left arm
59K, 640x471
Chas gives Higgins a hand
arm mini-guns
58K, 640x471
Arm mini-guns move into firing position
all guns firing
56K, 640x471
Chas firing all 3 arm guns and shoulder gun/launcher
chest launcher
63K, 640x471
Chest plates open and single-shot chest launcher prepares to fire
arm guns firing
63K, 640x471
Arm guns firing while chest plates still open. Left arm also has gun on top of arm.
all guns firing
76K, 640x471
Arm guns firing while chest plates still open
I am out of ammunition
59K, 640x471
Chas prepares to deploy arm blades
feet and exhaust ports
62K, 640x471
Rear view of feet and exhaust ports. Bugs swarming in background.
Chas hurls a warrior bug
66K, 640x471
Chas hurls a warrior bug
Warriors move in
69K, 640x471
Warriors move in
Roughnecks! Ho!
50K, 640x471
Chas is surrounded and damaged